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For businesses, employees, and clients, conducting business during the difficult winter months can create significant obstacles. Fortunately, there are a few easy things you can do to address winter weather issues and support keeping clients and staff safe during the season notorious for slips and falls.

It only requires a little forethought, attention, and the participation of your team and business partners. Use the quick checklist of Frazier Cleaning Solutions' top five winter workplace safety suggestions below.

Business Winter Safety Checklist

De-ice and clear the paths of snow.

Make sure that there is never any snow or ice on your parking lot, sidewalks, or other outdoor areas. To aid in improving the accessibility of public spaces, think about requesting similar actions from nearby companies.

Put salt down the night before as a precaution if the forecast is for snow or freezing conditions, and think about hiring a snow removal service for major storms. Naturally, you should also advise staff members to drive carefully to and from work.

Have an Emergency Supply Kit.

Although no one like the idea of being stranded at work during a winter storm, be sure you have the necessary safety and survival supplies on hand. Your emergency kit should also include a radio that runs on batteries or the sun, flashlights, thermal blankets, and enough non-perishable food and clean water to last everyone for at least three days.

Keep to the Rules and use your Warning Signs.

OSHA has established guidelines and regulations for hazard signs, walking and working surfaces, and other safety-related matters.

So that you can warn people when surfaces are wet or slippery, make sure your walkways and signage comply with OSHA regulations. As soon as a danger is discovered, put up warning signs and make.

Lay Down Rugs and Mats With Absorbent Surfaces.

Make sure your company is outfitted with absorbent floor carpets and mats that can contain extra water and mud if you anticipate that your personnel or clients will track in melting snow or ice.

To reduce the number of trips and slips, place mats at all entrances and exits. The moment you notice any standing water on the floor, have it cleaned up.

Remind Staff to Wear Appropriate Footwear

Remind staff to dress appropriately for cold weather by reminding them to wear appropriate footwear. In comparison to conventional shoes or sneakers, insulated and water-resistant snow boots offer higher traction and dependability in winter conditions, lowering the risk of unintentional falls.

Remind staff members not to rush and let them know that going slowly will allow them to respond to changes in traction more effectively. Avoid making your place of business a hazardous place to be in the winter. Use these five suggestions to assist ensure that your facility and personnel are adequately prepared to stay safe during the season.


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