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Post-Construction Clean-Up: The FCS Impact

At Frazier Cleaning Solutions, we take great satisfaction in the outstanding value we offer for post-construction cleaning. Cleaning up after construction brings special difficulties that require a team of experts to handle successfully. Before carrying out our construction cleaning strategy, our project managers take the time to thoroughly comprehend those problems. We don't use a "cookie cutter" method when creating a scope of work. To make sure we can offer the best value and service to every one of our customers, our post-construction cleaning charges are decided following a comprehensive walkthrough with the contractor. Our work demonstrates our efforts to be the top post-construction cleanup business in Montgomery, Chester, and surrounding counties.


Route is a walkthrough, bidding, and job proposal cleaning program that our team of experts uses to make sure we give you the finest service at the most affordable price. Using this program, we can precisely predict the amount of labor your building will need and the extent of the work that will be needed to clean it within the allotted time frame. On and off the building site, we take the demands of our clients seriously, and we never take a chance with the amount of manpower needed to finish your project quickly and correctly.


You can be confident that Frazier Cleaning Solutions' staff of experts has been properly educated to deliver the highest level of cleanliness within set timeframes when you hire us for your construction site cleanup needs.

Cleanup Following Construction: Coordinating with Contractors to Meet Deadlines

We are aware of the time restraints that general contractors must adhere to and we make every effort to meet those deadlines. We also recognize the value of flexibility given that modification orders on building sites might lead to delays. To guarantee that our team can deliver, our project managers work hard to keep lines of communication open. Our crew has been trained to make sure that the project duties are finished within the allotted time limit and to report any impending delays before they become an issue.


Find a business cleaning firm that specifies the post-construction cleaning contract's scope of work in detail. The last thing you want is to discover at the end of a job that window washing and overspray removal were not part of the cleaning company's scope of service. Finding a construction cleaning business that can effectively convey their scope of work and foresee any future issues is crucial because every building site is unique.


The majority of cleaning businesses frequently exclude paint overspray from their standard scope of operations. The removal of paint overspray may occur rapidly or take more time, depending on the surface. It's crucial to find a cleaning service that will take the time to create a scope of work that satisfies all the requirements of the contractor. The cleaning professionals at Frazier Cleaning Solutions strive to be the solution to these frequent issues by establishing a clear line of communication, detailing our work in the proposal in detail and making sure we have the necessary team members to finish the project within the contractor's allotted time limit.

Rough, Final, and Touch-Up Post-Construction Cleaning Phases

The first walkthrough is where our post-construction site cleanup services begin. To put a strategy in place that will properly and efficiently clean your facility, our team of experts will collaborate closely with the site supervisor. The rough, final, and touch-up phases of post-construction cleaning are its three stages.


During the initial post-construction cleaning phase, dust and debris are removed, the walls and windows are cleaned as well as the floors are swept or vacuumed. By conventional standards, the facility will still be filthy, but this presents a chance to start while small trade work is still being done. Even with meticulous cleaning, dust is disturbed, and not all of it will be taken out in one pass, therefore this stage is crucial. The residual construction dust may be permanently eliminated during the final clean, often known as the deep clean. Your construction cleaning team can work from the top down at this stage to make sure every surface has been touched. Particular focus is placed on the kitchens, baths, and break rooms during this phase.


The final clean is when the floors are prepared for their new owner. The cleaning service you have selected can offer professional advice on how to get those floors looking pristine. The finishing step after construction is next. This stage may not be necessary for every construction project, but it may be necessary for projects with significant accumulations of construction dust or for projects where unanticipated construction continues after the post-construction cleaning has been completed. The post-construction cleaning team will revisit any places that need additional cleaning during this stage.


Not every job will require multiple phases in the post-construction cleanup, but some jobs may require more. Large and complex construction sites may require sub-phased cleaning to track the progress of construction. When quoting the project, it is important to find a cleaning company that takes the time to understand your unique challenges and timeline. Our team of professionals is trained to work with contractors to identify and create a plan to thoroughly clean your building.

For advice on selecting a construction cleanup company for your job site, see our post-construction guide.

Our Post-Construction Team is Here to Help With Construction Cleanup

We'd be delighted to discuss your post-construction needs with you. 

Our team of specialists will take the time to listen, and work with you on a plan of action to deliver the greatest degree of cleaning for your building. 

Call us now to find out more or to arrange for Frazier Cleaning Solutions to visit your property and give you a price for your forthcoming post-construction cleaning.

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