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Choosing a Professional for Post-Construction Cleanup: Your #1 Guide

Choosing a Professional Post-Construction Cleaner: A Guide

The best post-construction cleanup company for your job site depends on a variety of factors. Making the best decision to ensuring that your project site is cleaned successfully and efficiently can be aided by being aware of these factors.

One of the last jobs before turning the building over to the new owner is post-construction cleaning, so you want to be sure

the cleaning business you've picked can complete it quickly and effectively. You and

your team may make informed decisions with the help of our post-construction cleanup advice.

Cleanup Before and After Construction: Know the Stages

Find a post-construction cleaning business that is thoroughly aware of the many stages of post-construction cleaning. The first construction clean, the final construction clean, and the touch-up construction clean are among these stages. Cleaning after harsh construction includes clearing away trash and dust, which is done by wiping down walls and windows as well as by sweeping or vacuuming the floors.

By normal standards, the building will be dirty throughout this phase, but it provides a chance to begin cleaning while little trade work is still being done. Even with meticulous cleaning, the dust gets disturbed, and not all of it will be taken out on the initial sweep. This stage is crucial. The residual construction dust can be permanently eliminated during the final clean, often known as the dee

p clean. Your post-construction team can complete all surfaces during this stage by working their way down from the top.

Particular focus is placed on the kitchens, baths, and break rooms during this phase. When it comes to the final clean, the floors are prepared for their new owner, and the cleaning company you have selected may offe

r professional guidance on how to make those floors look flawless. The cleanup step following construction comes last. This stage may not be necessary for every construction project, but it may be necessary for projects with significant accumulations of construction dust or for projects where unanticipated construction continues after the post-construction cleaning has been completed.

The post-construction cleanup team will return during this stage to clean any spots that need extra care. It's crucial to choose a post-construction cleanup business that will take the time to comprehend your particular building site and time restrictions. Each task won't require different phases for the cleanup after construction, although some jobs might. Sub-phased cleaning may be necessary to keep up with the construction's progress on large and complicated building sites. Finding a cleaning firm that spends the time to comprehend your specific issues and timeframe is crucial when providing a project quote

Contract for Post-Construction Cleanup: Communication is Key

The next step is to locate a business cleaning service that has a post-construction cleaning contract that describes the scope of work in great detail. The very last thing you want is to discover near the project's conclusion that the cleaning firm did not include window washing or overspray removal in their scope.

Finding a construction cleaning business that can effectively convey their scope of work and foresee any future issues is crucial because every building site is unique. Most cleaning businesses frequently exclude paint overspray from their standard list of services.

Paint overspray cleanup can happen quickly

or take a lot of time, depending on the surface. Finding a cleaning service that will take the time to create a scope of work that will satisfy all the needs of the contractor is crucial.

#1 Post-Construction Cleanup Team in Mon

tgomery County: Frazier Cleaning Solutions

Frazier Cleaning Solutions staff takes great satisfaction in the outstanding value we offer for cleaning projects following construction. Post-construction cleanup poses particular difficulties that require a team of experts to handle it successfully. Before carrying out our post-construction cleanup strat

egy, our project managers take the time to fully comprehend those difficulties.

We don't use a "cookie cutter" method when creating a scope of work. After a full walkthrough with the contractor, we decide on our post-construction cleanup charges so that we can guarantee the finest value and service for each one of our clients.

We are aware of the time restraints that general contractors must adhere to and we make every effort to meet those deadlin


We also recognize the value of flexibility given that modification orders on construction sites might lead to delays. For the benefit of our team's ability to execute and deliver, our project managers work hard to keep lines of communication open. Our crew has been trained to make sure that the project duties are finished within the allotted time limit and to report any impending delays before they become an issue.

Your post-construction needs are something we'd be happy to discuss with you. Give us a call today to learn more or have a Frazier Cleaning Professional come out and provide a quote for your upcoming post-construction clean.


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